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      What Our Listeners Say.

      Veronica Cheshire. 16th April 2021

      I can honestly think of no better place to spend my evening. Than listening to fantastic music brought to me by Kev and Sheilah from "Online family radio". The Chat room. Is the place to be for friendly sociable chat. Why not give it a go and join us. You'll never know until you try just how great it is.


      Ann Randell 16th April 2021.

      This radio station is a life line to me. Love the company & the music. It really lifts my mood, if I’ve had a “down day”. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed ,A brilliant station for a great variety of music, something to suit everyone’s taste, Jazz, rock n roll, pop, big bands, 40’s, 50’s music. This station has it all. Many thnx DJ Kev,xx


      Roy Harvey 16th April 2021

      The best of all music played by dj kev a real family in the chat room and 3 hours of fun and good music you would love it.



      DJ Purple 21st August 2021

      I knew at the age of five when I used to tape songs off the radio that I wanted to be a DJ. I later got the opportunity to work at a small station in New York for four years. Music has always been my passion, especially music of the 80’s. It was an exciting period of music and each week I will take you back in the time machine to revisit a time where the party never ends. My other passion besides music? All things purple of course! The Online Family Radio Is Like A Second Home For Me Great Listeners Great Music And Great People.

                                                                                                                                       You Can Also Listen Using Any Of The Links Below.

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